Superior I.T. service is the foundation upon which Onyx Consulting was built. It remains as our primary objective to this day. Whether you're seeking a long term partner to manage and perform all of your company's technology services, or merely need temporary assistance with a solution or project implementation - you've come to the right place.

When we began Onyx Consulting in 1994, we adopted the unbeatable philosophy of quality over quantity. Through vigilance and discipline, we continue to practice "The Long Game" to this day and maintain the standards for which we're known. Adherence to our principles has provided continual new relationships through word of mouth referrals. Moderate steady growth is solid growth, and our extraordinary customer retention is a direct result of this practice.


We provide unmatched capabilities at tremendous savings over employing a full time I.T. Staff. We also fulfill specific needs for existing I.T. Departments.


"Over the course of sixteen years of Phase Three conducting it's business we've had hundreds of vendors, and I can tell you without any reservation that Onyx has absolutely been our best vendor."
Ken Holsclaw
President, Phase 3