Why We're Different

Clients come first

Our top priority is to serve our clients' needs. To do this effectively, we refuse to be influenced or bound by platform evangelism, manufacturer sales quotas or flash-in-the-pan trends. We recommend and provide a wide variety of equipment and proven solutions as determined necessary for our clients' individual budgets, environments and objectives. Although we maintain relationships with a number of vendors, our clients' best interests always come first.

Integrity fee structure

We reject the "per unit" or "flat fee" pricing model and the fallacy of "unlimited support" contract claims. Our Service Agreement clients pay only for the hours of actual service performed, described on our detailed invoices. The clients benefit from more service for less expenditure. This transparent and disciplined methodology has continually allowed us to carve approximately 30-40% off the monthly IT costs charged by competitors we routinely replace.

The Freedom of Confidence

When a provider consistently outperforms the competition, there's no need for long-term contract obligations. We believe in freedom of choice, and our clients deserve no less. All of our service agreements include a thirty-day "opt out" clause to ensure that freedom. We maintain and practice the ideology that long term mutually beneficial relationships are the best kind of associations.

Transparent Managed Services

Some I.T. Service Providers claim to "do it all." Upon close inspection you'll often find the cloud services, off-site backups, hardware repairs, and telecom services they offer are merely being resold with a lucrative mark-up and the service is actually performed by third party technicians. At Onyx our clients know exactly how, and from who each of these services are being provided. We are the ones performing, recommending and managing these various services with full transparency and without mark-ups.

Longevity and Reputation

Onyx Consulting has been serving the Atlanta business community for over twenty-two years. Unlike most I.T. related companies we have never been bought, sold, merged or re-branded. The original owners are native Atlantans with strong ties to the community and a continual record of charitable endeavors. Onyx Consulting has never been the subject of a single legal concern or liability throughout our entire span of operation. Our reviews and word of mouth speak to the high standards and work ethic maintained throughout the team.

Hardware Capability

Our three Metro-Atlanta locations provide extensive services for business and individual needs. This means your business machines receive priority service from career technicians. And no worries for Apple products! Onyx Consulting is Atlanta's longest serving "Apple Authorized Service Provider." We perform Apple Authorized Repairs and provide competitive pricing on new Apple systems with significant value added incentives. Many competitors tout "Apple Certified Technicians" or variations on Apple wordage, but only an AASP can perform "Apple Authorized Service" with factory parts and insider capabilities for warranty and non-warranty repairs.